140208Ignition Coil Extension Harness

APDTY 140208 Ignition Coil Pigtail Connector Wire Wiring Harness Assembly

  • Brand New Ignition Coil Wiring Harness Complete Assembly
  • Fits 2010-2012 Kia Soul 1.6L
  • Fits 2012-2014 Kia Rio 1.6L
  • Fits 2012-2014 Hyundai Veloster 1.6L
  • Replaces 27350-2B000, 273502B000
  • The wiring harness and connectors get very brittle over time and the connection fails causing excessive resistance or an open circuit. Replace the wiring harness as a complete plug and play unit instead of splicing in new connectors which is time consuming and adds resistance. Also if your ignition coils, spark plugs, or ignition capacitor have not been replaced, it is very important to consider replacing them at the same time. Worn spark plugs allow excessive amperage to back up into the ignition coil and leads to coil failure.
  • See Buyers Guide for compatibility
Make Model Qualifiers Year
Hyundai Veloster
  • 1.6L L4 1591cc 97ci
Kia Rio
  • 1.6L L4 1591cc 97ci
Kia Soul
  • 1.6L L4 1591cc